Welcome to Vet’s Kitchen

Helping Keep Beaver County’s Pets and Their People Together

When families struggle with food insecurities, so do their pets.

Many times animals are abandoned when families struggle to cover day-to-day expenses.  Not being able to feed your pet can have catastrophic results. 

The goal of Vet’s Kitchen (also known as the Beaver County Humane Society’s Pet Food Bank) is to help struggling families keep their pets by providing cat and dog food.

If you or someone you know needs help feeding a pet, we are here to help.

All participants of Veteran’s Kitchen acknowledge, understand and consent to the following terms of service:

  • The services offered by Veteran’s Kitchen may only be used once a month for a period of six months.  Re-entry to or dismissal from Veteran’s Kitchen may occur at any time, for any reason per the discretion of shelter staff.
  • Participants will provide proof of current identification by means of a driver’s license, major bill (water, electric or other bill deemed acceptable by shelter staff), or state-approved identification.  College or work identification cars are not suitable forms of identification and will not be accepted unless pre-approved by shelter staff.
  • Refusal of participation in Veteran’s Kitchen can occur at any time, for any reason based upon the discretion of the Beaver County Humane Society.
  • Due to the sporadic nature of pet food donations, distribution is structured on a first-come, first-served basis.  Refusals may be based on availability and at the discretion of shelter staff.
  • The quantity and type of food allocated will be at the discretion of shelter staff.  Some determining factors include, but are not limited to: quality of pets, represented weight of pets, species, and age.
  • Although we strive to provide food that has been thoroughly inspected in accordance with expiration dates and food recalls, donations come from various sources and quality; therefore, freshness or safety of consumption cannot be guaranteed.  It is the sole responsibility of the participant to ensure food quality prior to consumption.  The Beaver County Humane Society, including but not limited to all shelter staff, volunteers and contributors, is not held liable in any way should the participant or pet of the participant become ill, injured or otherwise harmed as a result of food acquisition/consumption from Veteran’s Kitchen.
  • The participant agrees that any acquired food is for private use of the animals currently within the household.  The attainment of any additional animals in the household, including by means of breeding, forfeits participation in Veteran’s Kitchen unless prior approval by shelter staff has been granted.
  • The shelter cannot guarantee that the provided food supply will fulfill the specific dietary needs of the participants’ pet(s).  No prescription food is provided and needs to be acquired through a private veterinary service.