Volunteer Cat Cuddling


When do we need help?

Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Friday – Saturday

From 9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Tuesday – Thursday
From 9:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

*Please note: all volunteers can start at 7:30 a.m. However, our cat team is still cleaning until 9:30
a.m. You are always welcome to help out in other ways for the cats (laundry, dishes, etc) while 
you wait to snuggle them!


  • Provide cats with important socialization: petting, picking-up, holding, snuggling, and cuddling!
  • Brush cats, bathe cats, and trim cats’ nails.
  • Alert staff and/or medical team to an animal’s medical issues.
  • Scoop feces and dispose of properly.
  • Using safe animal handling protocols, help shy or fearful cats adjust to shelter life
  • Using safe animal handling protocols, remove cats from cages for playtime
  • Write notes about the animals’ behavior to inform staff and potential adopters. Photograph or video – when safe – and send to info@beavercountyhumanesociety.org
  • Other related assistance, as directed by BCHS staff.
  • Alert medical team if any issues of concern are noted. Take photos or video – when safe – and send to medical@beavercountyhumanesociety.org. Fecal samples can be given to kennel staff.
  • Note: This is a physically active volunteer position.


  • Must be able to provide friendly, knowledgeable customer service and to answer questions in a professional manner, deferring to staff if the correct answer isn’t clear or if guidance is needed.
  • Must be able to understand, learn and utilize positive reinforcement training/behavior protocols.
  • Must be confident in keeping cats safe by following and enforcing all rules and regulations.

All volunteers who cuddle cats must first meet with a member of the Cat Cuddling Team to receive
feline handling and feline companion training. Additional training and workshops related to this activity
will also be offered. Volunteers must stay within their handling levels (blue and green) until they meet
with the shelter manager to move up to a more difficult level (red).

Volunteers should commit to cuddling cats for a minimum of 1 hour if possible when volunteering within
the shelter. Volunteers under 16 years of age can participate in this program with their parent-partner.

TO APPLY: Please complete and submit the online volunteer application and mark Cat Cuddling
with a number 1 as your area of interest. Once your application is received, you will be contacted by
our Volunteer Coordinator to go over availability and training.

Online Volunteer Application