Veterans Kitchen Waiver

By submitting this form, I agree to all of the aforementioned terms and conditions for the use of Veteran’s Kitchen.  All of the information I am providing is concise, accurate, and truthful.  

I understand that the Beaver County Humane Society cannot and will not guarantee brand, freshness, quality or safety of the food acquired via Veteran’s Kitchen.   

I release the Beaver County Humane Society from any and all liability if the acquisition of illness, injury, or medical complications is attributed in part or whole to the food provided by Veteran’s Kitchen.   

It is my sole responsibility to fulfill any special dietary requirements for my pet(s) based upon my veterinarian’s recommendations.  

I am aware that no prescription food will be provided through Veteran’s Kitchen.   

I understand that I will not introduce any new pets into my household, especially via breeding, without prior approval from shelter staff.  If I do, I understand that I forfeit my participation in Veteran’s Kitchen.  

I agree that termination of my use of Veteran’s Kitchen can occur at any time and that acquisition is based on first‐come, first‐served.  

I agree that I will not abuse the services provided, nor will I use or demand to use the service more than once a month for a period not to exceed six months.   Excessive use of the program, determined by shelter staff, will not be tolerated. Once I receive food from Veteran’s Kitchen, I release the Beaver County Humane Society from any and all liability.