Senior Project Service Hours Program

In collaboration with many local high schools, we provide opportunities for high school seniors to complete the volunteer community service hours required for graduation.

In order to participate in the Senior Project Service Hours program the student volunteer must be willing to agree to one of the following programs for volunteer time. Students must apply on their own behalf. Each student volunteer must also complete a Community Service Hours Volunteer application here.

Program 1: In-Shelter Volunteer Hours - The student volunteer must complete the minimum number of hours required by the school but may continue to volunteer for more hours if they desire to do so. To see a list of tasks that can be performed to complete your hours, please click here. Once you have submitted your community service hours application - please visit the volunteer page under the Get Involved tab for upcoming orientation dates. You must attend an orientation prior to beginning you in-shelter volunteer hours.

Program 2: Fundraising Hours - Instead of dedicated in-shelter volunteer hours, student volunteers may instead submit their project proposal via email to The project will be reviewed and should detail how the student volunteer will succeed in securing donations worth a minimum of $200 to benefit the animals in our shelter.  Parents will be required to sign and be responsible for a third party fundraising agreement.

Program 3: Foster Program Hours - Student volunteers may also participate in our foster program to help care for homeless animals while taking care of them in their own homes. Each home will need to be approved by our foster team and parents of the student volunteers must agree to participation in the program. Each student volunteer will be required to attend Sunday adoption events at our local PetSmart to help get their foster animal(s) adopted.  Photos, bios and even videos will need to be created to post to our website to advertise the availability of the newly adoptable animals. The student volunteer will work with our Offsite Coordinator and Foster Coordinator to get the animal(s) medical care as needed and coordinate any PetSmart events that will be occurring.  

Student volunteers should review these guidelines prior to applying for a volunteer position. All volunteers will be accepted in to the program. Please have all information completed prior to attending orientation.