Saying Goodbye

Services for Owned Animals:

Saying goodbye to your companion is not easy. The Beaver County Humane Society is here to support you during this difficult time. For pets that are terminally ill, aged or injured to the extent that they will never lead a normal happy and healthy life, euthanasia is a humane option. We recommend that before you make any decision, you speak to your vet about it first. Remember that you are not alone.

Our staff, who deeply understand that human-pet bond, can assist you.

We encourage you to bring your pet to a private veterinarian for euthanasia services whenever possible, as this may make it easier to say goodbye to your beloved companion. If this is not possible, you can schedule an appointment to bring your pet to the Beaver County Humane Society to discuss your options and the humane euthanasia service we provide to the public. To schedule an appointment, call 724-775-5801 option 8 or e-mail

Each procedure is completed with care and compassion by a certified technician. The cost of this service is as follows:

Pricing for Beaver County residents:


Dog 0-25lbs $40.00

Dogs 26-75lbs $60.00

Dogs 76+ $80.00

Aggressive cat- $50.00

Aggressive Dog-$100.00


Out of county/state residents:


Dogs 0-25lbs-$80.00

Dogs 26-75lbs $120.00

Dogs 76+ lbs-$160.00



Aggressive cat-$100.00

Aggressive dog-$200.00

Bite fee is $50.00 extra onto aggressive cat/dog fee.


If the animal has bitten a person in the past 10 days (regardless of vaccine history), the dog MUST be quarantined for 10 days from the date of the bite in the owner’s home OR euthanized and sent for rabies testing at the health department.  This is a law and no exceptions can be made.  We can NOT perform this service for out of state residents.


Final decision as to whether euthanasia is the appropriate option or not will be made by the Beaver County Humane Society Medical Coordinator. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate visitation requests during the procedure or cremation requests after the procedure; however, we can hold the body for 72 hours for pick-up from a cremation facility.

The Beaver County Humane Society cannot euthanize an animal who has bitten in the last 10 days. The animal would need to be quarantined in your home for 10 days and evaluated by a veterinarian prior to euthanasia. (Please call the Beaver County Health Department for complete guidelines in regards to proper quarantine procedures) However, if the animal is agonal or suffering or the behavior is too severe to keep the animal in your home during the quarantine period, we will euthanize the animal. According to Pennsylvania law, we are required to send any animal that has bitten within the past 10 days to the health department for rabies testing. You will be charged an additional $50.00 trip processing fee to take the animal to the health department. We cannot perform this service for out of county or out of state animals.


Euthanasia can be performed during the hours of 11am-3pm Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, or 11-5:30pm on Tuesday/Thursday.  Arrangements can be made for later times with by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

For appointment email or call 724-775-5801 option 8