Honorary Donations

Honoring Someone Special

Making a gift to BCHS in tribute to a person, beloved pet or in honor of a special occasion is a wonderful way to show you care about your loved ones and the animals in our care.

Our tribute pages are made possible through the generous support of our friends atRome Inspirations

The following gifts were made between January 1, 2017 and March 31, 2017 in tribute for an achievement or special occasion.

Joe Barnick by Beverly & Roy Shriver

Vickie Baughman by Dennis Baughman

"Harley" by Bradley & Sally Booth

"Splashes" by Diane Brown

"Gracie" by William Brylinsky

The retirement of Robert Cantner

  • Freda Witte
  • Timothy & Ilona Acree
  • Tim and Caprese Parks
  • Lenny & Amy Cole
  • Robert & Shirley Rynd
  • Linda Belczyk
  • Jo Shane
  • Carl Cantner
  • Donna Taylor
  • Judy Bobak
  • James & Esther Miller

"Earl Gray" & "Bugger" Coley by Rachel Katchmar

Aveline Crawford by Don & Denise Lynch

Denise DeMailo by Christine Carroll

Deanne Eshbaugh by Marla Schultz

Daniel  Hoffman by Renee Hoffman

"Lola & Bela" by Edward & Patricia Kalish

Elyse Kilimnik by Aaron & Martha Kotys

Debbie Klesser by Christine Carroll

"Mittens," "Goldi," & "Spooky" by Ernestine Kroskey

"Rosie” & “Ralphie” by Terry Kuehner

Eleanor Le Donne by Allen Alexander

Aggi & Balto Longstreth by Dustin Cleveland

Mandi Lyon by Matthew Lamanna

Charlie & Sallie Manwiller by Donna Manwiller

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Mauer & Matt for Valentine’s Day by Rich & Nickie DeSalle

My former co-workers at the Beaver County Times by Gayle McCaskey

Zachary McKnight by Amanda Paul

Danielle Miller by Michael Russo

"Trixie & Stryker" Molinaro by Marcia Ferguson

The birth of Michael Joseph Nalli by Michael & Sharon Nalli

"Big Duke Six" by Mark Nussbaum

"Scruffy Skipper" by Mary Opsanic

Bob Orie by The IGS Foundation of The Columbus Foundation

Deborah Parrish’s birthday as a present to self

"Gilly" by Virginia Reed

Nancy Reed by Virginia Reed

Janis Rehm by Patricia Noah

Janis Rehm’s tireless efforts for the BCHS by Caroline Sell

Frank Restaino by Angie Mastramico

Susan Salyards by Sandra Thompson Arnold

"Freckles" by Darryl & Arleen Schmidt

The birthday of Joyce Sheetz by Milana Applegate

"Ava-Annie" by Charles & Joyce Snitger

Bryan & Elizabeth Vitale for adopting “Coba” from BCHS by Marcy Kay Presutti