Foster Portal FAQ

What is BCHS Foster Portal?

The BCHS Foster Portal is a web application that was created by students at Carnegie Mellon University Information System Program. The goal of the Foster Portal is to allow our foster parents to view online all the animals currently needing foster care. The foster parents can then request to foster specific animal(s) by contacting us. We hope to actively involve the foster parents in the fostering process and reduce the length of time an animal stays in the shelter.

How does the BCHS Foster Portal work and how do I sign up?

The Foster Portal is only available to foster parents who have been approved for foster. First time users, even people who have already fostered for us before, need to sign up for the Foster Portal online. The link to the Foster Portal page can be found on the Beaver County Humane Society website under “Get Involved” then click on “Foster Services”.

The “Sign up” button will take applicants through the steps to complete an online foster application (our existing foster parents will need to go through the online application process to be able to sign up for an account). The applicants will be able to log back into the account to view all the animals needing foster care after they have been approved.

How do I use the Foster Portal?

After your application has been approved, you will be able to log in to view all the foster animals. Once you are on the Foster Animal page, there are features/functions you can use to look for foster animals:

-          A list of animals with picture, animal ID number, shelter intake date, and reasons for needing foster care (indicated next to Cond 1 and Cond 2).

-          Real time update so you will be able to see the animals as soon as they enter the shelter and become available for fostering.

-          Search for animal base on type, age, gender, and conditions (reasons for needing foster care).

-          Click on animal ID number to see a more detailed animal profile including date, breed, gender, and condition.

-          Kittens and puppies belonging to a group of litter have a designated “litter number” next to their animal ID number. Animals in the same litter will have the same litter number. Their animal profile pages also list all the animals in the same litter. All animals in the same litter need to go to the same foster home.

-          Update your contact information and application including preferences.

Please contact us by email at when you see any animals you would like to foster.