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Help work with our animals on such challenges as basic obedience and socialization, while at the same time provide enrichment to brighten their shelter days



  • Teach dogs basic manner skills; i.e. sit, stay, come, place, loose leash walking, 4 on the Floor
  • Play enrichment games with dogs; i.e. tug, fetch, scent games
  • Assist with dog playgroup if occurring during volunteer shift
  • Using safe animal handling protocols, take dogs off site for short adventures and exposure


  • Clicker Training Sessions for Enrichment/Behavior
  • Assist with cat playgroup if occurring during volunteer shift


  • Create enrichment items/toys
  • Help ensure enclosures are species appropriate to ensure biological fulfillment


  • Provide animals with important socialization: petting, handling, training, and play!
  • Prepare animals for normal handling they would be exposed to in their homes.
  • Carryout special behavior/enrichment protocols and activities
  • Using safe animal handling protocols, help shy or fearful animals adjust to shelter life
  • Write summary of activities, animals’ behavior, and progress to inform staff and potential adopters.
  • Other related assistance, as directed by BCHS staff.
  • Alert medical team if any issues of concern are noted. Take photos or video – when safe
  • Note: This is a physically active volunteer position.



  • Must be able to provide friendly, knowledgeable customer service and to answer questions in a professional manner, deferring to staff if the correct answer isn’t clear or if guidance is needed.
  • Must be able to understand, learn and utilize LIMA (Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive) based training/behavior protocols.
  • Must be confident in keeping animals, self, and others safe by following and enforcing all rules and regulations.
All volunteers on the Enrichment Team must first meet with the Animal Enrichment Manager and Volunteer Coordinator to receive animal handling and skills training. This department will require continued training and working with the Enrichment Team as animals come and go from the shelter.
Additional training and workshops related to this department will also be offered. Volunteers must stay within their handling levels (blue and green) until they meet with the Animal Enrichment Manager or Volunteer Coordinator to move up to a more difficult level (red).

Volunteer sign up window is 2 hours per online commitment. Dog training sessions do not need to be long and should have a goal of about 15 minutes per dog. Special enrichment/behavior protocol times vary per activity. Cat and Other Animal training sessions/activities vary per animal. Volunteers under 16 years of age can participate in this program with their parent-partner.


  • Frequent exposure to loud noise, odors, fumes, chemicals, and animal waste.
  • Walks on tiled surfaces and flooring that may be wet or dry.
  • Exposure to animals

TO APPLY: Please complete and submit the online volunteer application for this position. *To volunteer you must also abide by all health and safety guidelines enforced by the shelter


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