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Are you ready to adopt?

Adopting a pet is a lifelong commitment. Besides love, have you thought about the time, training, and financial responsibility involved with owning a pet? Are you aware of what the laws are regarding pet ownership?

To learn more about the animals above, be sure to click on the image or name of the animal you are interested in for more specific information.

We take the adoption process very seriously. We strive to ensure that each pet finds the proper family and that each family finds a pet that will match their lifestyle. For an adoption to be successful, you must truly understand the level of care and commitment required for a successful adoption. Each animal is an individual. Each requires a different system of care, ranging from exercise to training to grooming needs. It is beneficial for you and your pet to do as much research as possible before selecting and taking your new companion home.

We make an emotional commitment to each animal in our care. We have an obligation to ensure that the new relationship between your family and your new companion will thrive for a lifetime.

Adoption Procedures

Everything we do is for the best interests of our animals in our care. Our adoption process is aimed at matching you, your family and your current pets with our animals for adoption.

Upon arrival to the shelter, you will be asked to complete a printed pre-adoption application or click below to pre-complete an application.

If you complete a pre-adopt on-line, you still must come to the shelter with a valid photo ID and copy of lease approval (if renting). We will not contact you – you must come to the shelter. You must be in good standing with the Beaver County Humane Society and that the information you provided in regards to housing is correct. Our adoption team member may call your landlord if your lease does not state animal restrictions.

Completed, approved per-adopt applications are held for 30 days. After 30 days, you must complete a new pre-adopt.

Once your information has been confirmed, an Animal Attendant Team member (or volunteer) will introduce you to our animals in a private meeting room or outside in one of our exercise areas. We will share information about the animal’s history and needs, and any volunteer / staff comments. 

When we find the right pet for you and your family, the Adoption Team member will assist you in completing the proper paperwork. This process includes signing an adoption contract, reviewing medical history (provided by BCHS) and providing proper pet care information. This process takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

Unaltered animals will need to stay to have sterilization surgery.

What you will need in order to adopt:

  • A valid photo ID with your current address. If your photo ID does not have a current address, you will need to bring a utility bill with your current address along with your photo ID.
  • If you rent, a copy of the lease stating they permit pets at the residence. Your landlord’s name and phone number should be listed on the lease.
  • All members of the household should meet the animal before adopting. All members under the age of 10 are required to meet the animal.
  • If you are interested in adopting a dog and have other dog(s) living in your household, it is required that all dogs meet each other at the shelter.
  • Certain animals require a completed application and a pre-adoption home visit.
  • Adoption fee is accepted in cash or credit/debit card.
  • All adopters must be 18 years of age or older. 

Adoptions are approved to the first qualified home.

All dogs must leave with a proper leash and collar. All cats must leave in a carrier or proper transport box. Our shelter retail store
Has all the supplies needed to start you and your pet off on the right paw!

What happens next? 

Please check out the links below for more information when you bring your new pet home!